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jakuta and carl: viii – first the snakes came for the sky then they came for our women

this is off of the forth coming album sfo [writches]

The Rachel Carson’s Project – Never Paid Alimonies [demo]

From my forthcoming digital EP that is yet to be titled. You can listen on the soundcloud.


I put a good portion of Jakuta and Carl’s previous work up on bandcamp. Also, I have been finishing up an instrumental suite and hope to have it up on the internets soon.



Jakuta & Carl at BCHQ on 11/21

Thanks to disposable thumbs for the video.


The full set:
Noyz 1
Noyz 2
Start The Stars
Spring Is Here Again
Pnoyz 1 + Dana Scully Saves Lives

War is Backwards, Let Peace Move Us Forward

I did a remix of a yo yo ma piece for a contest that he had. It’s all Tolstoyian.

Here it is

Jakuta & Carl – Sociometry Fest 08

I figured I would just post these too since they are a pain to find.

Dana Scully Saves Lives
Indian Summer
31 and Luvin’ It
Start the Stars