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Biased like a fox.


Let’s not eat Pete

On a mushroom ride from Newark
We could have rolled six and six
But the flurry of action was real
So our storm sense relieved.
That bar stool fool we met was not
…and good trips make daisies.

captions of unordered snapshots taken by a tourist in new york

reverend businessman
looking at names preserved in concrete

flannel vest boyfriend
brags about his new pink nokia phone

four jazz masters
jamming on the green lit catwalk

single bass slapper
playing reflective folk music for change

fat grey boulder man
wont let us see at the drive in on stage

thin fluorescent boy
makes pbj on canal street while taxis pass

pale blonde woman
believes that she is the world trade center

plaid pant princess
wants to find mercury on the a line

one black clad girl with a painted face
a mime waiting for the next oyster bay train

three blue cosmonauts
mimes waiting for a ship to broadway, or mir

one million
mimes looking like everyone

October 1999 with slight edits

Old New Poems

I decided to move the wordpress site since I was tired of the ads, and I was renting a server anyway. So H LiNa K Period Com moved!

In honor of that move, I am going to put up some of my college poems for all of the world to not read (or suffer from if you do read). I also dream of making a mix or two while I am stuck at home due to the times.

“high clues” is now for sale

If you have a desire to part with 4.5 + shipping you can get a copy of “high clues,” my first book of poetry on Amazon. A kindle version will be forthcoming.



So I ordered the print proof for my book, so barring something unforseen it should be out soon. I also bought a ticket out to Seattle to hang out with the masterer of Jakuta and Carl albums so hopefully the next one will be out soon. Thirdly, my rib is almost better and my fiance is going to buy me some birthday drums so I can finish the first Rachel Carson’s Project EP. Finally, I wrote a few new poems that aren’t in the book, so I am debating how I should release them.

Writing NEWS

I am going to publish a book of poetry, including three never released poems. It is going to be titled “high clues” and available digitally and in paperback. More information coming soon.