(she had the right idea – but she doesn’t anymore)

                                                                                                a siren
                                                   in lipstick

ears                                                                  pierced,
            mirror, sidewalk cracked.

                                                                       not you bowl cut dame.
kann ich helfen?”

                                    and                        sheets
                                        the                          deluge
                                            stream being washed
                                    through    steel    bars,
                                    a          shower     scene.

                                    taxi stopped (she needs a ride)

                                    pay phone, by the bibliothek
                                            (911, no not 911)

                                             “sprichst du deutsch?”
                                                                                 “nein, nein, nein.”

                                    head turns
                                    stone walls, trees,
                                    night and a red crumb trail.

Fall 2001

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