Jakuta Electric Candle Radio Fill-in 10/8/2011

A slightly sloppy return to radio DJing after lets say six years without having done it. But whats a few slipped needles. If you want to give it a listen its here.

  1. Dirty Three: Stellar
  2. Prince: Let’s Go Crazy
  3. Club 8: Closer Now
  4. Summer Cats: TV Guide
  5. Brighter: Noah’s Ark
  6. Best Coast: When I’m With You
  7. Aberdeen: Sink or Float
  8. Fleet Foxes: Mykonos
  9. Weekend: End Times
  10. Sebadoh: Beauty Of The Ride
  11. Future Islands: I will Follow You
  12. The Ramones: Rock and Roll High School
  13. Cheniers: Sad City
  14. Woods: I Was Gone
  15. So Cow: Ain’t No Fun
  16. Art Brut: Emily Kane
  17. Telekinesis: Non-Toxic
  18. The Pastels: Thru Your Heart
  19. Comet Gain: Working Circle Explosive
  20. Sleepy Township: Singing Doll
  21. Wire: Our Swimmer
  22. Red Pony Clock: Waiting Four You
  23. Built To Spill: By The Way
  24. Drink Up Buttercup: Even Think
  25. The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much Dream (Last Night)
  26. Nodzzz: True To Life
  27. Luna: Hedgehog
  28. The Rosebuds: We’ve Had Enough
  29. Echo & The Bunnymen: Enlighten Me
  30. The Aisler Set: Attraction Action Reaction
  31. The Fresh & Onlys: Second One To Know
  32. Tuscadero: Tickled Pink
  33. Lovvers: Stangers
  34. Pissed Jeans: Sam Kinison Woman
  35. The Lucksmiths: T-Shirt Weather
  36. Lenola: Tarred Dog Saved
  37. Crystal Stilts: Love Is A Wave
  38. Cry: Light Years
  39. Pipsqueak: What’s Eatin You?
  40. Boyracer: Boyfriends
  41. The Feelies: Fa Ce La
  42. Beatnik Filmstars: Supremer Queener
  43. Dinosaur Jr.: Feel The Pain
  44. Jesus & Mary Chain: Upside Down
  45. Cults: Go Outside
  46. La Sera: Dedicated To The One I Love
  47. Stereo Totale: Liebe Zu Dritt
  48. Blank Dogs: Anywhere
  49. Abe Vigoda: Animal Ghosts
  50. Lower Dens: Deerknives
  51. Ganglians: Blood In The Sand
  52. Television Personalities: 14th Floor
  53. Red Sleeping Beauty: Promise Me
  54. Soft Cell: Where The Heart Is
  55. Beat Happening: Seahunt
  56. Matt & Kim: Block After Block
  57. Lykke Li: Get Some
  58. New Order: Perfect
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