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to eat an apple core
bite into the hard black life force
(maybe even sprout a few leaves in my hair)
crunch, crunch, crunch

stick a finger in the fire
be a marshmallow
smoldering on the skin, blackening
melting on the in

          side tracked by the
          buzzle of
                    neon bees

until open eyes 
beyond the bright white wall
into ?something

unmoving, numb irises

on the next ship to andromeda –
scheduled to depart at 10
(there will be complementary seeds)

we leave in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Unknown, possibly 2001

Commercial Danira

You sat yourself on the corner
I was constructed across the street

A man bicycled by holding a large red umbrella, a shield against the incoming swords of dust
His grocery toting love balanced on the handlebars, bananas peeking out of her bag

More kids, more kids, more kids, and a goat

December 2011+November 2020

Cat Lady Duck

Keep to yourself while the other go out
There are foxes and hawks everywhere
For Trent’s lost his head one snow melted day
And it’s quietly safe in your wire lair

And you laid something to care for
So there’s not time to come clean
But that’s not a worry to you
Let the rest sheen and preen

But on a cold fall morning
Bittersweet leaves lie around
With no sticks as a bundle
Your bones freeze to the ground

November 12, 2020

Look “No Eyes”

We are in state of Cayenne – a bit of
a haze, sitting on a red plush, beer stained couch
while mouthing a chorus of redundant phrases over three chords
that only speak to nihilists wearing shirts with empty sleeves.

Remember though, that opiates have been in pitchers of Hi-C
long before fluoride was introduced to improve our dental hygiene
(unless, of course, you were a rebel with a well).

And our government will distribute a mass issue of Sominex
to be downed by the handful (with a fifth of Jack
to eradicate the null-gel taste) before we drop the ball
in the Big Apple again. All of this trouble because
we prefer Percocet, while others have a predilection towards Morphine.

Sobriety is not the answer mind you, then we’d notice
that god would have to use his JEM-5G electron microscope
to discover our quark sized race (a strange flavor indeed).

There’s a reasonable solution to our specie’s predicament. We should
crossbreed our genome with the poppy, so that both eyeballs
continue to operate, but none of our eyes can see,
especially not the third one, which will become antiquated symbolism
(like opiates, manna trees, and beating hearts will become otherwise).

Let’s Say 2001?  Who knows.

Always Carry a Pen (If You Get My Drift)

Where is my sword?
Where is my tablet?
When a good fury strikes.

Many times a gusher rush forth.
Without a bucket in possession.
If there is one it has a hole
And a hand can only hold so little.
So much precious muses’ nectar is lost
Or quenches the now moistened dirt.

March 1999

strawberry seeds

i once saw a vision of strawberry seeds
salivating and swaying
in the infinite reaches of black

every since then i have lived a life dedicated to

would you like further proof
of the greatness of spirits?

i have waited in many a communion line
to drink the blood of jesus
(and i’m not even french)

“x’s on your hands, not in your eyes!”
you said
don’t you spout candy at me

Likely 2000

please pick z’s

the fairytale of a blank night
that scares you shitless
so that you do not sleep
with five lights blaring

they are the story of our world
seen through eyes
with black irises
baked into crippled marshmallow

a warning was provided
of plagues
and waves
and love
and moose

thank you, thank you, thank you
you sequined dancers of the fight

Unknown, likely 1999, edited 2020

the changing structure of the landscape in maryland is directly proportional to the movement of time

sitting under
watching the stream morph
into a flat tailed beaver
that is moving by
like a branch caught in forces of water.

remembering that
it would storm more often
the sky would light up like
a sparking motherboard
and soon my shirt and skin would unite.

walking back
from the secluded sight
through geysers of grass
growing in a path
that was a plain of pine needles.

thinking that
it would snow and we would
build igloos and mine for gold,
like they did in alaska
but now snowballs are hard to come by.

running now
from the fiefdom of hornets
i must have unsuspectingly
stumbled upon their nest
and my skin isn’t impregnable like a lawnmower.

knowing that
the hornets replaced the ticks
that quietly sucked away life
until the ticks disappeared
taking the lone cow in the pasture across the street.

Unknown, likely June 2001

I Wiped My Mouth On This Poem

a creation of piled clippings
the confetti blocked my aorta
causing pulses to coagulate in my head
a fete in my tete i’d let it set
but somehow i now have realized
i’d meet the spectre if i slept

March 8, 2004

a film titled untitled

you look at me
i glance at you
you point at me
i nod at you
you smile at me
i know what to do
there is scaffolding
and scotch, silk sheets,
skywaves, and singing
and a fade out. . .

we kissed at the end of the film
your eyes were closed, your arms internal
your thoughts of brazen streets and cloudy nights
my stubble leaving marks on your wan cheek

Unknown, likely 2001